Veggie Patch!

So, yeah we still haven’t done much more inside the house (there are some more skirting boards, honest), but we have been getting our garden into quite a nice state 😀

One of the major things we really wanted to get in place was our veggie patch, and so… (more…)

Yard partly done!

So, we’ve been very busy with our backyard. We may not have finished, but it sure is a lot better than it was when we moved in. It has gone from a hard to navigate jungle, to quite a nice little place to get away from it all.

For instance, the view from next to the shed, out to the yard.
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Old Yard 5
Yard from next to shed

Yard from next to shed

Outside the house

It’s been a while between updates, sorry about that. Life has moved back in, and so renovation has slowed and I don’t want to show you the inside of the house until it looks complete. 🙂

However we have been doing some work outside. Outside the house needs a whole lot of work just like inside, it’s just that outside we can do largely ourselves and at a more relaxed pace.