Outside the house

It’s been a while between updates, sorry about that. Life has moved back in, and so renovation has slowed and I don’t want to show you the inside of the house until it looks complete. 🙂

However we have been doing some work outside. Outside the house needs a whole lot of work just like inside, it’s just that outside we can do largely ourselves and at a more relaxed pace.

So… here is a view of the yard as it was. Absolutely overgrown, filled with mess and no concern as to the actual use of space. It still baffles me how people can sell houses in states like this.

Old Yard 5

Old Yard 4

The path looks quite pretty really, except that you couldn’t walk along it while being actually upright. Angled left by about 20 degrees was more the go, or crouched right down like a hunchback.

Old Yard 2A delightful mixture of overgrown plants, dead plants, some weird enclosure with a clothes line and citrus tree and remains of a compost inside and a collection of pavers, bricks, stones and concrete.

Old Yard 1It really was just a tangle of plants and old veggie patches leeching into what was probably supposed to be lawn.

Old Yard 3And to top it off they covered the backside of the house with this odd wall with windows and no ends. The net effect of it was to darken the rooms along that side of the house. And yes, that open bag of cement was there during all house inspections, they really went the extra mile in presentation didn’t they?

I will put up a post shortly showing how it looks now… still a far way off complete, but FAR more usable.