Saved!! :)

Hooray for Lee from Lilydale Crane Trucks who took my panicked call at 8.30 last night and with great humour and skill picked up our floorboards & delivered them to the house this morning! Tiarnach, Eibhlin & I had a great time watching the crane deliver the massive bundles & especially loved watching the way Lee controlled the crane with his remote – every boy’s dream!! 😛 I was so grateful that he got them to us safely that I just wanted to give him a big kiss 🙂

He controlled it from a hip controller

So casually he guided 1.5 tonne of wood around

Simon & my dad had the delightful task of bringing the 3 tonnes of floorboard (yes thats right – 3 tonnes) inside! Took them over 2 hours and Dad slashed his hand in the process yet the job was done and now the boards are safely inside. Thanks Dad!!!!!!  The boards need to acclimatise for 2 weeks before they can be laid so now we wait…

Aside from the joy of the wood finally arriving today I also had 7 tradies come to quote jobs. 4 flooring guys, 2 plasterers and a plumber.


140 sq/m of Tasmanian Oak Floorboards

We’ve chosen our flooring man and now just need to source the Form Ply to go underneath the floorboards.

I must say that I do enjoy demolishing things!! Had a wonderful time today ripping up lino and pulling off skirting boards.. hehe! Cant wait to get stuck in to the garden.. but that will have to wait!