And done!

We finished renovating the house! Just in time to sell it… as usual there were a host of things that we (and by ‘we’ I mean mostly ‘me’ being slack) never got around to finishing, until the impetus was really there. And what better push than getting the house ready for sale. Sure, it’d be nice to have lived with some of the final changes for longer, but still, it’s nice to see that it did work out very nicely in the end.

Sure, it never got the extra bedrooms we’d planned, and we spent more than we thought we would, but in the end, it’s a much better house and garden than when we moved in 5 years ago, and we didn’t lose money on the whole venture, which is always a bonus.

So, I give to you, the finished house!

Now we just need to find another one, and do it all again 🙂