Episode 1 of our Web Series :)

OK, so the quality is terrible, the content is questionably interesting… but we have our first episode up. This is the walk through of the house as it was on settlement day. It really does highlight what low quality video my camera takes 🙁 One day we’ll have a HD camera… one day!

  • Jenn

    “a bit dated” LOL!

    I like those chandeliers! If you want to build a chimney, I know a good guy :-). Thanks for the tour!

  • Glenbo

    Love it, the music and family waving are sooo cute!!! Looks like a nice house, can’t wait to see the finished product and all the steps in-between!!

  • Mim

    More arches than the Colesseum!

    How exciting. For me I mean, you guys have to do all the work!

    It has an amazing amount of potential, can’t wait to see more